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FWP Graphics Utilities


This library/package provides a variety of Java general utility classes and dialogs focused mainly on general and graphics applications.  In addition to the library, a test and demonstration program is provided.  This program calls/exercises all of the classes in the library as well as demonstrates the use of the eight JOptionPane methods.

Full source code is provided for all of the utilities and the test/demo program.  In addition to the standard JavaDoc files there is an additional Documentation directory in the fwpUtil directory which contains easier to use documentation with screen shots.

The package contains the following classes and dialogs.

ColorChooser --  Integrates the fairly standard color chooser which allows specifying the color by using swatches, HSB or RGB tabs with an added alpha/transparency input.


FontAndColorChooser -- Displays a dialog in which the user can select a font and its color, bold, italic and transparency attributes.

FontChooser -- A font chooser dialog which supports setting the size, bold and italic properties of the font.

GetHints -- Get rendering hints for maximum quality or maximum speed.  (No visible component.)

HTMLviewer -- This dialog displays a basic HTML viewer with a vertical scroll bar. It does not support hyperlinks and other more advanced features. Its purpose is to display small to modest size html help files from within an application program.


LineAndColorChooser -- This dialog allows the user to fully specify how a line is to be rendered/displayed. It integrates the fairly standard color chooser which allows specifying the color by using swatches, HSB or RGB tabs. The line style selections include line end styles of Butt, Round or Square. The line join styles include Bevel, Miter and Round. The user can also select whether the line is to be rendered using high quality or high speed attributes. The user can select between twenty line dash patterns and specify the line width and transparency. As each attribute is changed an example line is updated to display how all of the currently selected attributes affect the appearance of the line.


LogIt -- A dialog to setup and control logging actions (via Logger) within a program. 

Logger -- A basic logger capability which uses the same logging levels as the much larger standard Java logger.


TextViewer -- This dialog displays a basic text viewer with a vertical scroll bar. Its purpose is to display standard text help files from within an application program.


These files have been placed in the public domain and can be used and adapted without restrictions. The user of the code is totally responsible for insuring its suitability in the intended application.

This package is a small part of an effort to explore and describe how computers can be used to make maps. For additional information on the complete project visit:

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This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.  For more information, please refer to <>

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